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Vehicle Recovery Services in El Paso, Texas


Avoid losing valuable assets when someone skips payments with help from Texas State Recovery Services of El Paso, Texas. We have more than 30 years of experience and specialize in vehicle recovery services for banks, private individuals, and dealerships who do their own financing. Reclaim your property with vehicle recovery services from our agency in El Paso, Texas.

Around-the-Clock Recoveries
We offer 24-hour recovery services in New Mexico and Texas. When you call us, we get to work immediately to find your vehicle. To better serve you, we recover boats and anything with wheels, including:

  • Motor Homes  • Motorcycles   • Travel Trailers   • Skid Loaders   • Cars   • Trucks   • SUVs   • Semis   • Trailers   • ATVs  

Terms & Rates

• Free Storage for 15 Days ($15 Per Day After That)

• Involuntary Repossession–$275 (El Paso, $2 Per Mile Outside City   Limits)

• Voluntary Repossession–$150 (El Paso)

• Resolution (If Customer Pays)–$175

• Skip Trace–$75 (In New Mexico Add $50)

Recovered Vehicle Sales
For your convenience, Texas State Recovery Services also offers to sell your repossessed vehicle to minimize your losses. Call us for more information on this service. We also offer transportation services to Auctions in the state of Texas. 

Repo Authorization

*Feel free to fill out the Repo Authorization Form and fax or email it to us along with a copy of the vehicle title or registration and references if available. We look forward to doing business with you!

Contact us and call us at (915) 691-1239 OR (915) 539-2211 for fast recovery services.

24/7 Recovery Services

Office Hours: Monday–Saturday, 10 a.m.–7 p.m.

Proudly Serving Texas and New Mexico 

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